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Diversity & inclusion

Invesco is committed to improving diversity and inclusion in all areas of its business.


‘Diversity of Thought’ is one of three key attributes that sit at the heart of Invesco’s Purpose, defining our investment philosophy, collegial culture and decision-making ethos. Ensuring our teams have a broad range of experiences and backgrounds helps us promote the diversity of thought needed to deliver a superior investment experience for clients and maintain a positive, engaging work environment for our people.

Invesco’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Andrew Schlossberg, Head of Invesco EMEA

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Women in Finance

Women in Finance Charter

Invesco EMEA is proud to have signed up to the UK Government’s Women in Finance Charter

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Diversity at Invesco means

Maintaining a tolerant, respectful and inclusive culture

Creating an environment where all our people feel valued and can be themselves

Celebrating our collective expertise, knowledge and experience

Investing in our people

We are committed to retaining and recruiting a highly diverse team of people who are client-focused, think differently and contribute a unique perspective. We believe that this diversity of thought has supported our success in the past and is increasingly important to our future success.

We’ve built diversity goals into our EMEA business plans and the personal objectives of our senior leadership team in the region. We also use management information and metrics to measure our progress and inform our action planning.

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    Enhancing our inclusive culture

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    Enhancing our employee offering

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    Attracting new talent

Enhancing our inclusive culture

Leadership training
Invesco is committed to raising levels of understanding and accountability for improving the diversity of our workforce. All of our management programmes have a focus on promoting diversity of thought and, in addition, we actively encourage our managers to participate in inclusive leadership training that seeks to reduce unconscious bias and further strengthen the culture across our business.

Supporting the Diversity Project
Invesco recognisies the importance of a truly diverse and inclusive investment industry that reflects the different societies we serve. In the UK we are a founding member, and our EMEA CEO serves as an advisory board member, of the Diversity Project, an initiative with the goal of improving diversity across the industry as a whole. 

Invesco Women's Network
Since its inception the IWN has established a programme of development opportunities and networking events for all employees. It has also built an outreach programme with local schools to promote careers in asset management for the next generation. The IWN also delivers a successful mentoring programme, providing career development and encouraging networking across the region. We have active IWN chapters in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Italy.

Enhancing our employee offering

Development opportunities
Our development philosophy is to empower individuals to take ownership for their own development, leveraging the tools and frameworks we have.  Our programmes are designed to encourage all our colleagues to adopt a continuous drive to learn, act upon feedback and enhance performance; our mix of online and classroom opportunities are freely available to all employees.

Flexible working
At Invesco we believe that work-life balance is important for everyone – we recognise that there are both commercial and personal benefits to be gained from flexible working practices and we are committed to supporting, wherever possible, a flexible work environment for our employees.

Parental leave
Invesco encourages all forms of parental leave by offering benefits that are enhanced above statutory requirements and by supporting employees returning to work following periods of parental leave.

Attracting new talent

Encouraging diverse applications
To support our diversity efforts we ensure a diverse mix of candidates is represented when applying and interviewing for roles. We are careful to ensure that job descriptions and adverts do not contain any unconscious bias, and task our talent acquisition partners to ensure that interview panels are as diverse as possible.

Inspiring the next generation
We are committed to encouraging more women into roles in our investment management teams. Members of our investment and talent acquisition teams, as well as local office representatives, organise events at universities across the UK and Continental Europe to promote the wide range of career opportunities available in investment management. 

We also provide a number of internships and placements across Europe for university students to gain industry work experience.


Diversity Project


Diversity Project

Invesco EMEA is an active participant in the Diversity Project, an initiative with the goal of accelerating progress towards an inclusive culture and improved diversity across the UK investment and savings industry. Read more about the Diversity project and its aims here.


Return Hub


The Return Hub

Invesco EMEA partners with The Return Hub; a unique executive search firm that aims to connect employers with financial services professionals who have been out of the workplace for a period of time.




Invesco participates in Investment20/20, a UK scheme that seeks to provide opportunities for a broad range of school leavers and university graduates to gain practical experience in the investment management industry.