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Why the mountain

The importance of the mountain in the logo of Invesco.


The mountain as a visual part of our logo is the Ama Dablam in Nepal East Himalaya. For us, the Ama Dablam is more than just a mountain. We have deliberately chosen it as a symbol, landmark and an expression of our ambition and our claim on ourselves. It stands for the properties that form the core of our identity and our investment philosophy: strength, stability and durability.

The realization of your financial goals requires a solid, long-term investment planning, a solid foundation and endurance - whether you are planning to buy a house, finance your children's education or want to enjoy a carefree retirement.

The right information, the best equipment, a careful route planning and an experienced professional can help you achieve your financial goals. This path may sometimes be stony. With the necessary knowledge, good preparation and the right partner you are, however, well equipped to cope successfully cliffs.